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6 Creative Ways to Hire the Best for Your Startup Team

6 Creative Ways to Hire the Best for Your Startup TeamEmployees serve as the backbone of any and every organization especially startups. Early-stage startup success depends on the skills and knowledge of its employees, which makes hiring the right person for the job (and company) more important than ever. Startup owners dont just need to find talented individuals, they need to find individuals who are willing to work extra hard for lower pay, who want to learn and grow with the company, who can become a Jack of all trades, and who will readily adopt the company mission, vision, and values as their own.To help you hire the best talent for your startup team, here are six tips on how to interview for a growing startup from some of todays fruchtwein successful hiring professionals1. Think like a GPS.I advise startups to think like a GPS when they hire. When you program a GPS, you need three things your specific destination, your specific starting point, and your route preference (shorte st route, fastest route, avoid tolls, avoid highways). Startups need to be clear about where they are, where they want to go, and what knowledge, skills, and personality traits their employees will need to get them there.When you use a GPS and enter vague information, you can lose time, end up in a bad neighborhood, have to double back because you went in the wrong direction, or possibly end up somewhere you never intended. The same is true for hiring. When you are clear and specific about your destination, you get there faster and have better results.Rebecca Barnes-Hogg, Founder and CEO, YOLO InsightsI advise startups to think like a GPS when they hire RebeccaB_HoggHiringClick To Tweet2. Look for the right personality. Evaluate their personality just as much as, if notlage more than, their skills and experience. Startups bring a lot of uncertainty, and the management structure is typically atypical. Can the person youre interviewing deal with this? Can they handle the stress of ha ving to wear multiple hats and juggle extra responsibilities?Could you see yourself being this persons friend? Not that you have to be (and not that you should be), but can you get along with them? Does the candidate have high emotional intelligence? Are they aware of themselves and how they appear to their peers? I try to hire for attitude. Does the candidate have a good attitude on life? Are they someone who solves problems or are they someone who just complains about them? A bad attitude can ruin even the most talented employee.Skyler Slade, Co-Founder and CTO, TandemRemember Personality Skills for startup hiring skylersladeClick To Tweet3. Sell candidates on your business.Startups have to work a lot harder to get good people because they almost certainly will not have heard of your company before. More established companies will get candidates applying proactively, whereas at a startup, you need to sell the company and the vision back to the candidates. Its almost like youre b eing interviewed as well. Think of it as a two-way sell.Chris Muktar, Co-Founder, WikiJobHow to sell the company and values to candidates viachrismuktarStartupHiringClick To Tweet4. Test their abilities.The best practice I have found for interviewing is to ask the candidate to call a number that is linked to an answering machine. The message asks the candidate to record a message explaining why they are a good candidate for the job. You can tell whether a candidate chooses to hang up and call back prepared or see what they have on the fly.As a direct representation of your brands message, this initial interview process ensures that the candidate will have the ability to think on the fly when presented with one of the many challenges associated with working at a startup.Brearin Land, Founder, Levi-Wolfe FinancialTry this clever way to ensure candidates can overcome challenges via BrearinStartupsClick To Tweet5. Treat the interview like a date.Give them a reason to like you but set ex pectations. When interviewing a preferred candidate, try to figure out what motivates them, tie it into their roles and responsibilities, and demonstrate how the company can be the platform for them to excel. At the same time, manage expectations by reminding them that most startups are trying to shift the business landscape and travel into a territory that no one has yet to reach. So, there is no prior wisdom or a recipe for success, until one fumbles through trial and errors before attaining it, which means theyre going to have come in with their eyes openPerlyn Per, HR Director, PocketMathHow is interviewing similar to dating? Insights fromperlynperClick To Tweet6. Look for passion and drive.Evaluate whether the candidate has the drive or what I like to call fire in the belly to work hard, be resourceful, and think creatively. He or she must also have the motivation to go above and beyond the call of duty and have the right balance of energy, confidence, and humility to fit in as a contributor to a small team culture.To evaluate passion and drive, ask candidates to paint a picture of success in their role and what they would do to contribute in their first 30-60 days on the job. Is the response all about establishing business milestones, team success, stretching and learning? If so, then youve foundsomeone who understands how to flourish in the startup ecosystem.Seline Karakaya, COO, The Kini GroupFire in the belly do your candidates have it? SelineOKStartupHiringClick To TweetWhat else do startup owners need to know when it comes to interviewing their first few employees? Share in the comments

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Taking a Leap to Land a Finance Job

Taking a Leap to Land a Finance JobTaking a Leap to Land a Finance JobThis FinanceLadder members job search welches moving slowly until she gambled a steady paycheck against job satisfaction.Kristen Reed has always been lucky, at least when it comes to job hunting. The 40-year-old Long Island, N.Y. resident said in the past when it was time to search for a new position, she simply picked up a newspaper or logged into an online job board, and was usually offered whichever position she happened to apply for.Id always worked with smaller companies wherbeie I could make a larger impact, said Reed (who asked Ladders not to use her real name).And I have an entrepreneurial spirit, so I was always able to work independently, take charge and exceed performance expectations.From automotive to mortgage to hedge fundsAfter spending 12 years as a finance manager working in the automotive industry - where Reed said she was the highest-achieving employee on Long Island - she decided it was time for a change. Reed moved into a management role at a mortgage broker and made a third move to a different company where she re-evaluated portfolios for various hedge funds.But while the finance-management role at the hedge fund was lucrative, it wasnt her cup of tea. The position was less independent and didnt give Reed the freedom she craved, but the final straw was the devastating financial collapse of 2008, she said.I wanted to get back into a sort of independent/entrepreneurial role, and then, of course, the financial crisis happened, she said. Sure, I was making quite a bit of money, but then the industry fell apart Where was I supposed to go back to when the mortgage industry was gone - the auto industry?A trial run with a recruiterSo, Reed signed up for FinanceLadder in October 2008 and quickly made contact with a recruiter looking to fill a financial-advisor position with a major New York financial firm. The experience was new to Reed, whod always searched for and found new jobs on her own, but she said she was incredibly satisfied with the process.Id never worked with a recruiter before, and I didnt know what to expect, Reed said. But she was fantastic. She held my hand through the entire process and was constantly reassuring me.With the recruiters support, Reed said, she went through round after round of phone and in-person interviews, and was so confident of her ability to land the job that she suspended her job search when she was in the final rounds for one employer.I wasnt actually searching anymore I put all my eggs in one basket, really, because I was so confident I was going to get the job, she said. But after six months, her intense focus on one opportunity started to look like a mistake.No guts, no gloryI kept interviewing and re-interviewing, and the firm kept saying, You have to come back again and meet this person, and these regional managers, etc., and at one point I thought to myself, Come on What is the problem? Am I going to have to meet the Pope next? Reed laughed.Reed said that though she strongly disliked her full-time mortgage-broker position, shed tried to hang on as long as possible just to have some job and financial security.I hated that job, but I was holding on to it because I didnt want to let go of a salary in this economy, she said. When her discontent finally became too much to bear, she decided on a risky course of action - she quit with the intention of striking out on her own as a consultant or starting her own business.It proved to be the best move she could have made, she said, when yet another interviewer congratulated her on her resignation and almost instantly offered her the position for which shed been interviewing.The brde woman I interviewed with said to me, You quit a salaried position, in this economy, to strike out on your own? That is a gutsy move, and thats exactly the kind of attitude and spirit were looking for, Reed said.I really floored her she said it took a whole lot of n erve, confidence and self-motivation, and thats what cemented it for her that I was the right person for the job, Reed said.Reed started at the finance firm in late May 2009 and is thrilled with the position. She said it draws on all her accumulated skills, and also allows her the freedom of working for herself with the security of a constant salary.I am in the perfect place right now, she said. I couldnt be happier.

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Important Job Skills for Technical Support Engineers

Important Job Skills for Technical Support EngineersImportant Job Skills for Technical Support EngineersSoftware development and systems is one of the fast-growing industries in the world. Without software, computers do not know what to do. And without maintenance of that software, as well as the hardware it runs on, entire civilizations might go without power and basic survival needs. This is where technical rckendeckung engineers come in. In nearly every office, there is an Information Technology (IT) specialist responsible to assist with computer and software issues. They may be hired within the company or outsourced to an IT engineering firm. What Skills Does a Technical Support Engineer Need? A technical support engineer (also known as an information technology support engineer) helps to solve technical issues. They might work to help a company absprache with internal technical issues, or they might assist customers or clients with their external tech issues. They provide su pport in person, on the phone, or even over the computer. They may be called upon to address issues with computer hardware or software. Technical support engineers require a variety ofhard skillsandsoft skills. Below is a list of the top five most important technical support engineer skills, with longer secondary lists of other skills employers seek in job candidates for this career. Types of Technical Support Engineering Skills Communication Technical support engineers must be able tocommunicatetechnical issues to colleagues and customers with a variety of backgrounds, which means they need to be able to explain the issues and fixes in a way that is equally understood by the tech guru and the tech-challenged user. They also need to be good listeners, carefullylisteningto the users concern, and solving his or her problem. Strong Command of the English LanguageActive ListeningOral CommunicationConfidence Delivering Training SessionsInterpersonal SkillsCustomer ServiceProvide Product KnowledgeGuidanceSupport to Internal Teams Flexibility Flexibility is essential to tech support engineer jobs. Typically, they have to work days, nights, or even weekends. Being open to a flexible schedule might help you land a job. Able to Work IndependentlyTime ManagementPrioritizationQuickly Learn New TechnologiesTeam PlayerVirtual Working CapabilitiesWillingness to Explore New TechnologiesCommunications SystemsLove for Technology Patience Often, tech support engineers have to deal with frustrated and impatient clients. They need to be able to listen patiently to each clients concerns, and calmly help solve the problem. Dealing with customers and clients requires a lot of patience, kindness, and understanding. Attention to DetailHigh ConcentrationCommitmentInteract with a Wide Range of Customers and Technical IssuesActive ListeningCustomer ServiceTroubleshooting Problem-Solving Problem-solving is a world in which good tech support engineers excel. He or she ha s to carefully listen to the users concerns, figure out exactly what the problem is, and come up with a plan for resolving the issue. This often involves creative problem-solving strategies. Attention to DetailNotice Systemic ProblemsTroubleshootingDeterminationInductive ReasoningDeductive Reasoning Technical Skills Hard skills are, of course, critical totechnicalsupport engineer jobs. Typically, IT support engineers need at least an associates degree in computer science or a related field. Depending on the company and the specific job, you will need experience working with various software and hardware, web-based applications, and more. Basic Scripting and Programming ExperiencePCMacFamiliarity with Support TicketCall Center SupportKnowledge-based SystemsGeneral Knowledge of Industry PrinciplesJava and JavaScriptLinux/UnixMaintain Data ReportsMicrosoft SQL serverOperating SystemsBasic CodingProject ManagementRead and Analyze Application LogsServerNoSQL More Technical Support Engineering Skills Remote SoftwarePhone EtiquetteEmotional IntelligenceFocusCyber SecuringBackup SoftwareDiagnosticsInternet ConnectivityIT Administration SoftwareNetwork Monitoring SoftwareTelecommunicationsElectronicsDecision MakingActive LearningResearchOral ComprehensionEmail ManagementVirtual Communications SystemsMobile DevicesDependabilityLANWANElectronic Mail SoftwareVendorsVirus Protection SoftwareInformation OrderingStress Tolerance How to Make Your Skills Stand Out Add Relevant Skills to Your Resume The skills listed above are described using many of the voreingestellt phrases employers add to their job announcements.You can develop these skills andemphasize them in job applications and resumes.Highlight Skills in Your Cover Letter In the body of your letter, you should mention one or two of these skills, providing specific examples of times when you demonstrated them at work.Use Skill Words in Your Job Interview Make sure you have at least one example for a time youuti lized the skills most relevant to the jobto share with the interviewer.

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What Staff Accountant Salary to Expect

What Staff Accountant Salary to ExpectWhat Staff Accountant Salary to ExpectIf you have a four-year accounting degree and just a year of experience, youre in a great position to land a staff accountant salary. Why take a staff accountant job? Today, high-growth public accounting firms and corporations are competing to attract talent with general accounting skills.Experience as a staff accountant can lead to a rewarding career with an accompanying escalation in salary. With the boomer generation increasingly moving toward retirement, companies are investing in career development and mentoring for less experienced candidates with potential who can be groomed for more responsible roles in the future.Take a look at a typical job description for a staff accountant and check out the job openings.What does a staff accountant do?Staff accountants do everything from maintaining general ledgers to meeting with clients to discuss real estate tax liabilities. Typical tasks handled by staff accou ntants includeAccounts payable and receivableGeneral bookkeeping, journal entries and general month-end accounting dutiesFinancial reportingBudget preparation and analysisTax preparationClient representation in an accounting firm environmentThe work of staff accountants during any given day or week encompasses many different activities - financial, as well as administrative. Although the positions duties vary from organization to organization, staff accountants usually report to the controller, director of finance or a CPA.A staff accountant job is a great career stepping stone for recent grads who have a background in accounting, business, management and information technology.What is the staff accountant salary?Companies are hiring accountants at all levels, according to the 2019 Robert Half Salary Guide for Accounting and Finance Professionals, and the role of staff accountant is singled out as one of the hot positionsAs for earning power, the salary midpoint for a staff account ant (or general accountant) with up to a year of experience is $46,750. That increases to $62,000 in starting salary for someone with one to three years of experience.If you move up to a senior accountant position, you can expect a starting salary $77,750 at the midpoint level. For a management position, the midpoint starting salary is $92,000.How is midpoint defined by the Salary Guide? When a manager establishes a starting salary, multiple factors come into play - candidate experience level, skills and expertise, and job complexity and duties. At the midpoint, candidates have average experience with the necessary skills to meet the job requirements, and the role may be in an different industries where competition for talent is moderate.Aside from company size and industry, an important factor that can influence your accountant starting salary is your location. Your salary in a major metropolitan area like San Francisco or New York, for instance, will be higher than in other regio ns in the U.S.Visit the Salary Center, where youll be able to adjust salaries for staff accountant jobs in your city with the Salary Calculator.GET THE SALARY GUIDEThe skills you need to qualifyTo become a staff accountant, youll need a four-year bachelors degree in accounting or finance and one year of accounting experience. Aside from knowledge of basic accounting principles and math, candidates should demonstrate excellent communication skills, project management abilities, a collaborative personality and proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel and accounting software.Because theres so much variety in a staff accountants day, its to your advantage to be a master multitasker and a stickler for details. Employers also value someone with strong ethics, especially because staff accountants are entrusted with highly confidential company and personal data.Job hunting? Check out our temporary and full-time staff accountant jobs now.

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21 hacks for making a better salad so you can skip long lines

21 hacks for making a better salad so you can skip long lines21 hacks for making a better salad so you can skip long linesIts been a tough spring for salad eaters. First, there was the great E.Coli romaine lettuce scare of April and then Just Salad announced it would no longer chop its salads anymora. Thats right. Now you have to do your own masticating like its the 1700s.Dont you have enough stress in your life? But these trendy salad places arent going anywhere as long as lunchtime exists. mora and more salad chains are popping up on every block - Sweetgreen, the uber-popular and somewhat trendy salad eatery opened 20 new locations in 2017 - and they often have lines out the door which means your lunch break is shortened. And now, you have to factor in extra chewing timeBut you need that delicious salad to get through workdays day. However, what if you could make your own salad that was just as good as any store-bought one and would make you the envy of all your coworkers?It take s a little extra prep but financially it is the better move. Plus they literally put all the recipes for these salads on the internet. And you will have such a sense of self-satisfaction when you take out your homemade salad that the gloating rights alone will fill you up.1. Use a glass mason jarPlastic bowls are so 2014. Now it is all about the mason jar. You will not only be healthy, but also make everyone in your office think you have an Etsy shop.2. Pick a salad themeDont just make a regular salad and call it a salad. Pick a theme and include ingredients accordingly. Harvest, Summer Time Fun or Chipotle Cowboy are some good ones.3. Keep the dressing separateUnless you really like a soggy salad, keep your dressing in a separate container or bring a bottle to work and keep it in the office fridge. Just be sure to label it.4. Make your own dressingOr go one step above and make your own salad dressing. There are literally thousands of recipes everywhere so just pick one.5. Marinate chickpeasWho are you? Martha Stewart? But chickpeas are delicious and healthy.6. Freeze and reheat grainsMake some rice or quinoa, freeze it, bring it work in a plastic bag and then reheat and add to your salad. Note to self Just Salad is a huge fan of wheat berries.7. Add cooked vegetablesOh now you are really cooking. Add some cooked vegetables like roasted broccoli, steamed winter squash, and roasted tomatoes for that extra ounce of jutzpah.8. Use a salad spinnerWash your salad and then make it magically dry and fresh with a salad spinner.Throw a paper towel in there for extra measure.9. Massage your kaleIf you want to make a kale salad (and there is a good chance of this as eating kale appears to be a law in some states) then try this little hack of massaging the leaves before you eat them as kale can be a little tough to chew.10. Prep your veggies ahead of timeThe key to a great salad is fresh vegetables. Now you dont have an open salad bar like Sweet Greens and Just Salad but the Sunday before work, buy some really vegetables, cut them up and pack them in containers and then put them on your salad before you go to work.11. Cut all your ingredients to the saatkorn sizeIf you want every bite to have all the flavors evenly dispersed then be sure to cut all your veggies and proteins into the same size. You dont want different-sized ingredients in your salad. Youre not an animal.12. Cheese pleaseWhy are all those fancy salads so good? They key is cheese. Aged and brined cheeses like parmesan, pecorino, and feta make salads so much better.13.Get a glass bowlBring in your own glass bowl and people will swear Kate Middleton is dining in their own office.14. Add a proteinGive that salad some real fuel with chicken, steak or even tofu.15. Mix in fresh herbsIts all about the flavors.16. Add some fatYou know why Just Salad and Chopped make such good salads? Because they have some fat on them (but the good kind of fat.) Consider addingavocado, toasted nuts, bacon, sm oked salmon, or again cheese.Thirty-five percent of Just Salad customers, who create their own salads, add avocado as a preferred order topping.17. Add crunchy accessoriesFancy salads are also good because a lot of them basically have chips and bread sprinkled on them. Addcroutons, tortilla chips, crunchy onions, pita chips, or crispy wonton noodles.18. Chop itNow you can do what a salad chain cant Using a cutting board, dump out all your ingredients and if you want to get really fancy grab a mezzaluna (curved knife) but a chefs knife also works. Arrange the greens in rectangle and then have at it Everytime you get to the end of the rectangle turn it 90 degrees and chop more until you are satisfied with the size.19. Use different textures in your saladOne ofChef Michael Stebner of Sweetgreens five rules for making a great salad is incorporating different textures into it. He suggestsraw cabbage, celery root, or grains.20. But dont add too many ingredientsYou want a balanced medley o f ingredients, not everything you found in your fridge drawer.Adding more ingredients doesnt improve the flavor, and too many can make it muddy and confusing, Stebner said in an interview with The Washington Post.21. Add a side of breadThis kind of defeats the point of a salad but most of these places do offer bread.

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Choosing Good Driver Resume

Choosing Good Driver Resume The Nuiances of Driver Resume Think about a well-written resume as your very first delivery with information to demonstrate that youre the ideal person for the position. Other documents a Personal Driver might need to handle include company charge card accounts, receipts and travel logs. Some use their ridesharing business to display their business skills, but others dont wish to mention it in any way. Many states need special industrial licenses. Some jobs require a specific quantity of travel on a normal basis. Think about employing a resume template to create a document that you could easily adapt to the different jobs youre applying for. The sorts of jobs mentioned above all make it possible for you to make your own schedule and work as much as youd like, providing you the chance to produce money whilst essentially working for yourself. The skills section is among the critical sections to get in your resume. Just because youre asking for a skills-based job doesnt mean that you can neglect your communication abilities. The training also has a crash management training course, good labeling of the tank and a review of the right means to complete hazardous werkstoffs paperwork. Include any training which youve received through past education or employment experience. The departure of Driver Resume No matter the subject of interest, there are a couple big sections that ought to be included in your driver resume. Utilize our private driver resume template for a roadmap, and you will be well on your way to a winning resume. Drivers should be able to manage constructive criticism on everything part of their driving skills. Your truck driver resume must start out with a proactive career objective at which you can slightly touch on your major abilities or expertise to demonstrate your competency from the start. Whatever They Told You About Driver Resume Is Dead Wrong...And Heres Why Actually, each experience you list needs to respond right to the work post. In the event that you had the ability to successfully manage work and a company on the side, you can multitask. At the base of the post, it is also possible to check some work interview tips. No 2 resumes will look the same, which is where a small creativity comes into play. If you dont have such experiences to describe, your CV should concentrate on something different. Its possible to also see Chef Resumes. Whats more, the resume can have an opportunity to display every one of the careers there. Everything in your resume needs to be simple to read and simple to comprehend. The 5-Minute Rule for Driver Resume Then the life of a shipping driver might be the proper life for you. For instance, you might say that you just do rideshare driving on the weekends, and just do it a definite number of hours per week. Random drug tests may be done. New drivers learn a vast majority of their skills in the first couple of years on the street. Typically, personal drivers spend the majority of the day driving clients around. Regardless of the kind of material being transported, delivery drivers must have the ability to manage cargo responsibility and deliver their loads in time. A personal driver is a person whos hired by means of a family or an individual to serve as a chauffeur to all the family or to the person. What Does Driver Resume Mean? For you to be in a position to have a concept of how youre able to proceed to construct your Resume Templates, you may use a sample forklift resume as a guide. Submitting incorrect details on your resume is another frequent mistake, though its one thats simple to avoid. You could also see Resume Examples. The Downside Risk of Driver Resume It is very important to customize your truck driver resume to the precise job which youre applying to, listing your most relevant qualifications close to the top so theyll be easily found. To steer your path to the very best truck dri ver jobs, it will help to have a complete and customized resume. Ensure it is very clear you know how to take care of customers right, and youve got the know-how to navigate the roads in your region to deliver as quickly and efficiently as possible. Driving an industrial truck takes a distinctive license and training because the method is more complex than driving a conventional passenger vehicle or cargo van. The aforementioned shipping driver CV sample is simply one of several CV samples on our website that could help to supply inspiration into an often time-consuming and challenging procedure. Its fast and simple to use.

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What You Dont Know About Tulane University Job Resume Writing Tips May Shock You

What You Dont Know About Tulane University Job Resume Writing Tips May Shock You All About Tulane University Job Resume Writing Tips Job seekers that are reluctant to share the reason why they left one job for another might look as theyre hiding what could be valuable details. Attempt to tailor your resume to the work description to emphasize why youre qualified for the job which youre applying to. Of course if youre asking for a particular job, its simple enough to amend a resume to incorporate an objective that matches the work description. Understanding how to write a work description. You dont need to list addresses and zip codes, though you will need to understand that information once it is time to complete an application. Besides listing basic details like your name, contact number, email address, and links to your online profiles, the exact top of your resume is a great place to earn a strong first impression. Just ensure the remainder of your information is still re lated to the new objective, though. Present your data in an organized format to make the most of readability having the most relevant information first. You can also have volunteer work on your resume whether it shows necessary skills. An internship will permit you to obtain practical wisdom and stick out from the competition. Benefit from numerous networking opportunities. You dont need to compose an essay. Before you can start to design your resume on paper, you should have the words. Now you have the words on paper, return to each list and think of which items are related to your target job. Decide what kind of job youll be applying for and then write it at the very top of a slice of paper. Youll depart from your employers musing they couldnt have said it better themselves. In the present world of e-mailed and scannable resumes, ensure you know the buzzwords of your industry and incorporate them in the sentences youre going to write. When youre finished, return to each job and think of what you may have done above and beyond the call of duty. Applying for a new job is an important moment in someones life. Bear in mind, your resume is only an enticer, a means to acquire your foot in the door. Hiring managers and recruiters are taking a look at hundreds of resumes every day, and will simply scan your resume to realize what youre about. If applicants know just what theyre getting themselves into when they submit an application for a job, HR professionals will be less inclined to get an overload of unqualified candidates and is going to have the chance to focus just on the best applicants. Landing a job is about your qualifications, meeting the most suitable opportunities, and having a terrific interview. Getting direct and clear in a work description is advantageous for HR professionals along with applicants. In that case, then every facet of your game has to be razor sharpespecially your resume. If youre vague about your objectives, y ou will do more damage than good if you list something like, promising position in a forward-looking firm. As soon as youre at work, showing you have integrity and a strong work ethic is something that you can demonstrate. If youre switching gears in your career, you might have plenty of experience which is not necessarily related to the particular job that you are applying for.